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Kayla Day

Registered Massage Therapist / Reflexologist

Kayla graduated in Spring 2023 from the Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Program and completed the Certified Hand and Foot Reflexology courses at Wholistic Health Training & Research Centre in Edmonton. She is passionate about helping others live their best lives. She also has an interest in health & fitness, and believes in the importance of lifelong learning, having previously pursued degrees in English and Linguistics. After completing university and working desk jobs for several years, the sedentary nature of the work started taking a physical toll. Pain in the neck and shoulders was a daily occurrence, and back and hip pain were becoming more and more frequent. She decided something had to change and began the journey to a career in healing and helping others! She pursued the RMT and Reflexology programs at Wholistic Health Training & Research Centre because of its holistic approach to healing and the body. The knowledge gained from these programs, as well as from additional reading, research, and her own guided health journey, has culminated in a firm belief that the body heals best when treated as a whole unit. This is the intent behind each treatment – work the entire body, not only the areas where the pain is felt, but also the areas it is related to and/or originating from.

Kayla is trained in multiple massage modalities (including therapeutic, deep tissue, sports, orthopedic, lymphatic, pregnancy, and infant massage), and often uses a combination of modalities, tailored to the specific needs of each client. She is very happy to join the Element team and is excited to work with the Element community!

Kayla Day
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