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Initial Assessment


Your first visit to Element Chiropractic will involve a discussion about your current health concerns and goals, along with a discussion of your past medical and recreational histories. The initial assessment will also include a thorough orthopaedic, biomechanical, and neurological assessment and X-ray analysis to ensure the highest level of care can be provided with the most accurate information available.


Dr. Nicholas J. Nelson

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Returning Members

Chiropractic Adjustment


On your second visit to the office, Dr. Nelson will go through the X-ray findings and prepare a care plan for you based on all of the clinical information gathered. Your first specific adjustment will then be given.

All other standard Chiropractic office visits will consist of a brief re-evaluation of your areas of concern, a directed exam, and a specific Chiropractic adjustment. 


Dr. Nicholas J. Nelson

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All Members

Massage Appointment
60 Minutes.        $90
90 Minutes.        $120
120 Minutes       $180 


Throughout her program, Marissa developed a special interest in myofascial techniques and craniosacral. Marissa has also offers pregnancy massage, deep tissue and cupping. She believes that there is always more education to further gain to provide effective treatment plans for her clients.

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Marissa Solomon, RMT

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