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Dr. Nicholas J. Nelson, DC.



Dr. Nicholas Nelson graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward California with the academic distinction of Magna Cum Laude, as well as receiving the distinction of Clinical Honours on two separate occasions. His undergraduate education took place at both the University of Alberta, and Macewan University, and consisted of an eclectic study of Anthropology, Biology, Philosophy, and Psychology, with a focus on combining religious theology and scientific study.

Before attending University, Dr. Nelson worked as a personal trainer for 4 years where he fell in love with the human body and human performance. Since he was a young boy, Dr. Nelson was obsessed with all things sport related, finding his biggest passions in hockey and skateboarding. Upon entering University, he became passionate about learning and developed a fascination with all things science. This growing interest helped him channel his love of physical training into a love of reading. If you are ever looking for him and he is not in his office you will likely find him along the river valley, or on a patio enjoying a good book.


Throughout his life, Dr. Nelson always embodied an attitude of thinking outside the box. He continued this pattern while attending university and graduate school by sampling literature from as many of the hard Sciences, such as quantum theory, string theory, holographic theory, and epigenetics, in an effort to round out his studies and draw knowledge from every level of thinking he could. Through this lens, Dr. Nelson considers the human body from many different levels and understands the uniqueness and complexity of every individual person.

Dr. Nelson is the author of Inner Alchemy - A No-Holds-Barred Guide to Understanding Your Body and Reclaiming your Health. 

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