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Collapsing Waveforms and Your Health: From Particles to Possibilities

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

This is the first post of many discussing some of the amazing ideas that quantum physics has brought into my life, and influenced how I approach health, healing, and my career.

We exist in a realm of possibility. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whys Study Physics, When You Are In Medicine?

Theoretical physics is one of my greatest amateur fascinations. I say amateur, because unfortunately I fell into the assumption as a child growing up that I would never, and I mean NEVER go to post secondary school- so obviously I would never need to learn the skills taught to me during school, math being a prime example. I think I actively tried not to learn anything during my first 12 years of school simply out of rebellion. Fortunately I was smart enough to still get through it, but this actually taught me a lot-I developed the skill of being able to understand big pictures and theories, and slot them inside my current understanding quick enough to be able to retain them for a long time- long enough to regurgitate it onto a test answer sheet months later. It also taught me how to approach something from all angles and think outside the box. Unfortunately, however, the skills of being an actual mathematical were completely lost on me. If I were able to perform the practical math, I would likely have walls all over my house with equations on them, and quite possibly live out the story of :A Beautiful Mind: all the way to it's conclusion. So fortunately, or unfortunately, I have been left to study with great fascination the theoretical side of physics- and this has to be the most mind blowing world I have ever let myself step into.

Throughout my posts we will come back to topics of theoretical physics quite often. Not only does it completely fascinate me, but it is actually the easiest way to see quite objectively that the world we think we know and that we all take for granted is actually not the way our reality actually operates. I see it as more of a possible simulation or projection of a world that we do not currently have the sensory perception to tune into readily; but none the less effects us every single day and in every possible way.

The topic I want to discuss is the discovery that was made in quantum physics regarding elementary particles and their dual existence. First discovered by working with electrons, physicists were perplexed when they were finding that they could either predict where an electron was going to be at a given time, or the properties of that electron- but not both. Any object that existed as matter should be able to be observed easily both in space and time, and actively evaluated without it somehow changing or disappearing. After investigating this paradox it was discovered that electrons, and then eventually whole atoms themselves existed as particles only when observed, and when not being observed they transitioned back in to waves of possibility.

You see, when an atom is not being consciously observed by the scientists, then it was found to no longer exist as a THING, it became a possibility. It could be in one place, or another, with one direction of spin, or another. It had no set properties as a wave, but instead had a set of possibilities that were attached to it. But as soon as the scientist went to observe it, then it would collapse into a measurable thing again... This brings an interesting twist to the old question "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" The real question now becomes, if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around to consciously perceive it, does the tree even exist as a tree at all?

What does this mean?

One of the most shocking and perplexing conclusion of these discoveries was that it seems that in order for the universe to exist in a material state, it requires an observer. It requires someone, or multiple entities to actively be perceiving it for it to collapse into a material state. So if this is true, does the universe need us or do we need it? Well, the answer is both.

Created, and Creators

If the universe did not exist, then obviously we wouldn't either (at least not in the form we are used to thinking about ourselves). But, the more mind bending realization is that if WE did not exist to perceive it, then the universe would not exist as we know it either. It is our conscious perception of the universe that maintains it in existence. So not only are we created, but we are also creators.

Ok, Ok, but what does this have to do with your health?

Now this all may be super rad to think about, and maybe make your head hurt a bit if it is a new idea to you, but why does it matter for what I do and why am I so damn obsessed with studying these theories?

Well, because you and I are made up of these atoms. Our body is a collection of particles that follow these exact same behaviours. Every electron and atom within us has the same properties as the ones studied while isolated in a lab- this means that every single piece of us has the ability to transition from a solid and measurable state, into a wave of possible states. The thing holding them in place as we are is our, and everyone else's collective conscious perception of them. When you get this, and I mean fully internalize this idea, then it can have some pretty profound implications- at least in my opinion.

Why is healing so hard?

One of the biggest barriers to people recovering and regaining their health back is the psychological patterns of pain and trauma associated with their injury. If you have ever had an injury, something so simple but debilitating such as sciatica, a herniated disc, or migraines, or an illness such as fibromyalgia, cancer, or multiple sclerosis just as examples, then you know that it is pretty much the only thing you can ever think about. When you are in pain, that is your psychological focus, and a ton of your calories go to fuelling your brains fixation on it, but even when you aren't in pain at that moment, you are still worried about doing something to bring the pain back. It changes the way you interact with the world and how safe you feel within in. It becomes a mental virus, that even when your body may be doing ok, your mind still remembers and holds onto the knowledge of your limitations inside. This is the basis of re-occuring pain and limitation patterns, and why they say that chronic pain is quite often not coming from the actual injury or illness anymore, but the neurological pain pattern that your thoughts are continuing to fire. The tissues around the site can heal and repair back to normal function, but an individual can still feel the same amount of pain and discomfort as they did before. This is because they have actively created a loop of conscious perception. Quite simply, they hurt because they think they hurt. Now this is in no way saying "its just in your head", however, it does mean that the psychology of injury needs much more attention by our current medical paradigm.

The second, and much more profound implication of this has to do with spontaneous healing and remission. These cases have been documented in all cultures and across all spectrums of medicine. The claimed causes vary all the way from the placebo effect (which I will do a post on at a later date), to faith healing by priests, to trials of new "miracle" treatments or drugs, and yes, also chiropractic. The cause is not important in this discussion, but the scientific explanation of it is. You see, when every single atom inside our body can switch from a solid state to a wave, then in theory, that little tumour growing inside of someone can, very very unlikely but logically somewhere within the realm of absolute possibility, switch from a solid entity to a wave and re-collapse as healthy tissue once more. The problem is that we have such a hard time breaking the conscious perception and thought pattern associated with it which is actively holding it in physical existence.

Take away message

When it comes to healing, the most important factor is learning the ability to let go of the fear and emotional distress you have surrounding the condition you have been diagnosed with, or the injury you have sustained, and allow your body to take care of the rest. What we actually know about our bodies ability to heal is so minuscule; however, what we do know is that the body is an absolutely profound entity, and when there is no interference, it can perform miracles. We just have to get out of it's way and let it do what it needs to.

Thank you for your interest and support!

I would like to end this blog with a reminder that the ideas covered above are real and true scientific theories; however, my interpretations of them and understandings of their implications are just opinions and ideas shared to pique your own curiosity and search for what you believe. They are not official medical opinions, nor are they medical advice. Just some amazing things that I have learned and wanted to share.

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