What Will Be Discussed

During your initial assessment, a number of things will be discussed. You will first be asked to answer questions about your general health and well-being. Finding out if there have been any specific illnesses or conditions in your medical history will be important when conducting a thorough assessment of your current health concerns. 


Finding out about your lifestyle and any activities that you partake in will give your chiropractor a clear understanding of anything that may have caused your current issues, as well as an appreciation of how they may be affecting you within your lifestyle. Oftentimes, problems surrounding your spine, back and nervous system can be brought about by your posture or by carrying out a certain repeated action. This type of information will be invaluable when it comes to providing a full assessment of your specific situation.


The more information that your chiropractor can gain from this conversation, the better -- as it will help to provide an in-depth map of where the pain is, where it is coming from and what the underlying cause might actually be. Using this information, your chiropractor will be able to go ahead and decide what form of assessment they will need to make. You may require a spinal screening if there are signs you need a spinal adjustment.

Physical Exam

Your chiropractor will carry out a full and thorough orthopedic physical assessment.

Your initial examination will also involve taking an x-ray in order to find the specific causes of your pain. When nerves are involved, you may have referred pain -- which means that a full assessment will ensure that the right area is targeted during your treatment.


Spinal screening is a crucial aspect to an initial examination, as it will look for any misaligned vertebrae -- which will demonstrate that there are signs you need a spinal adjustment.

Spinal adjustments involve moving your spine back into the correct position. It also involves applying direct firm pressure to the specific area and ensuring that vertebrae and discs are in their correct position.  


Your chiropractor will also carry out a full biomechanical assessment, which will look at how your body is held while it is moving. Analyzing your gait or the way that you walk will help with identifying if there are any problems elsewhere in your body. This will help your chiropractor to see where the root of your problems lay, as well as the effect that it has on your entire body. 


The next assessment that will be carried out will be neurological. Your spine is a core part of your nervous system, which means that problems here with misaligned vertebrae or bulging discs can cause problems. Assessing motor and sensory components through a neurological examination will help your chiropractor decide on the exact course of treatment you will need, as well as where they should focus their attention. They may use a pinwheel and will assess your reaction to this. This will identify which nerves are affected and to what extent.

What You Will Gain

When you are suffering from a lot of pain in your back and spine, it can range from being irritable to being highly debilitating. Problems with your back can really cause issues with your life and prevent you from working or doing the things that you love. Prior to getting an initial examination with a chiropractor, you may not have a clear idea of what may be causing discomfort or pain. A full examination using orthopedic assessment tests will not only provide your chiropractor with the information that they need to treat you -- it will also give you the knowledge of what the cause is. 


Your chiropractor will be able to provide you with all of the specific information surrounding your condition. They’ll also be able to talk you through the impact that it may have on your life, as well as how to develop the best treatment plan for your needs.


Spine adjustments are a common form of treatment used by a chiropractor. This involves putting vertebrae back into their correct position when they may have become misaligned. This is something that is carried out by a fully trained and professional chiropractor, using firm pressure on the specific point(s) concerned. 


You will gain a real insight into what the cause of your pain is and an understanding of how the chiropractor may be able to minimize or completely remove this pain for you. Some treatment options may even allow you to go back to living a full and active life. 


Through a thorough initial examination, you will get a personalized treatment plan that can provide you with much greater mobility and less pain, discomfort, irritation, or numbness.

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